Surf in front of the (data) wave.

It’s better to look ahead than back.

Understand your data in real-time.

Urban Blue Surf continuously monitors and assesses all data and delivers relevant insights with suggested actions directly into the hands of your team members via the Urban Blue Assistant – who will then have safely taken care of a detected situation long before the system’s alarm bells start to ring.

Surf on Urban Blue Assistant.

Urban Blue allows you to step away from your control monitors with the fancy charts (who understands those charts anyway?) and spend the time with your team, taking care of your animals or plants, or doing your routine tasks.

In case you were wondering:

YES, there are still charts you can view on your computer as well as on Urban Blue Assistant….but you really don’t have to!

And YES, the data can be exported into a ready-to-use format to create your customised reports.

Good to know – the built-in DIY (Do-it-Yourself) rule builder allows you to create situation flags based on any combination of data points. Request a personal demo, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is.