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Urban Blue Assistant working alongside.

Say hello to Urban Blue Assistant –
your team’s best friend.

Urban Blue provides a versatile AI-powered digital Assistant to identify, assess and prevent operational challenges on hi-tech farms by turning them into actionable insights, advice and growing expertise, offering farm teams a helping hand as a good friend does.

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Situation Flagging

UrbanBlue Assistant helps identify the source of potentially critical developments
in the farm’s ecosystem many times faster. UrbanBlue Assistant relentlessly collects data, analyses it, and shares insights and knowledge with the team.

Routines, Tasks and SOPs

Urban Blue provides intelligent planning and management of routines, controls, ad hoc tasks and standard operating procedures with the ability to seamlessly capture data on the go, making it very easy and efficient for the team to stay on top of things.

Sensing data, inputs & controls

Urban Blue seamlessly integrates existing data from installed systems, data collected by the team during daily routine work, or even data from external sources. Urban Blue’s DIY (Do-it-Yourself) Rule Builder can be used to create situation flags and messages based on any combination of data points.

The range of functions of the Urban Blue Assistant is continuously being expanded. Customer-specific system extensions can also be realised. Just let us know what you would like in addition.